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Behind Blue Eyes (MFM)
The Doms of Sybaris Cove 1

By: Tara Rose | Other books by Tara Rose 
Categories: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre
Word Count: 45,620
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

AVAILABLE: Monday, August 11th
This title is offered at a 15% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, August 18th.
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, flogging, paddling, cropping, sex toys, HEA]
Sales VP Alaina Pembrooke isn’t happy when her ex-boyfriend screws up yet another order with one of her biggest accounts at Phoebe’s Playthings. Shipping department heads Taj Durante and Jeff Raleigh finally have no choice but to fire him. When Alaina, Jeff, and Taj realize that Alaina’s boss and her ex were secretly lovers, all three become unwilling pawns in a dangerous game of corporate greed and betrayal.
Taj and Jeff are descendants of the men who founded Phoebe’s Playthings, and are also under the curse placed on the males of both families. If they try to leave the island, they die. Both men have buried themselves in the work of running the company, but when Alaina becomes their lover and their submissive, they know they’ve found the woman they’ve each waited for.
But can they stop Alaina’s boss and her ex from ruining the company their ancestors built, and from driving away the woman they love?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tara Rose is a Siren-exclusive author.


“Stay as long as you want.” Jeff dried his hands on a dishtowel and joined them both in front of the bookcase. “I don’t suppose you’d want to watch an old western with us?”
She laughed. “Actually, that sounds wonderful right now.”
“Really?” They both asked it at the same time, identical looks of surprise on their faces, and she laughed again.
“Yes, really. I don’t want to go home yet.” Now she simply sounded pathetic, although it was true. Nothing awaited her at home except solitaire on her iPad and a tub of ice cream in the freezer that she’d been saving all week.
“We don’t want you to go,” said Taj. “Pick out a movie.”
She shook her head. “I couldn’t. We’d be standing here all night. You two pick and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, no matter what it is.”
Jeff took a seat on the sofa and Alaina sat next to him, admiring Taj’s ass as he moved back and forth, running a finger along the spines of the disc cases. Finally, he selected one, popped it in the Blu-ray player, pushed buttons on the remotes, and then The Treasure of the Sierra Madre lit up the big-screen TV.
“Oh good. I love this one.”
They both looked surprised again.
“You’ve seen it?” asked Taj, taking a seat on her opposite side.
“Yes, I have. I love Bogey.”
He raised his brows and shot Jeff a look over her head. She ignored it and settled back against the cushions, kicking off her boots and curling her legs under her body. She didn’t miss the way both men eyed the hem of her skirt as it hiked up higher at the gesture. She ignored that, too. Let them look.
By fifteen minutes in, it was obvious the guys had seen this movie so many times that they could quote all the dialogue, and were bored out of their minds with it. She laughed until her sides ached as they each tried unsuccessfully to imitate Humphrey Bogart’s speech, and then Taj tossed a sofa cushion at her, a mock look of hurt on his face, and she thought she’d pee her pants from laughing so hard.
She tossed it right back, hitting him square in the chest, and he fell off the sofa and clutched his side. “She got me…I’m dying, Jeff. She’s killed me.”
“You’re such a pussy.” Jeff tossed another cushion at him, striking him in the face with this one, and then Taj jumped up and threw the sofa cushion toward Jeff. Jeff ducked and it hit a lamp, nearly knocking it over.
“All right. I think we’re done.” Jeff picked up the sofa cushions. “Alaina is going to tell everyone at work that we act like toddlers after hours.”
“I’m not saying a word about this. No one would believe me anyway, and there would be the inevitable questions. What were you doing in Jeff’s house? Why was Taj there, too? What did you really do with them all evening?” She giggled at the looks on their faces. They were a combination of lust and delight, and she could hardly take a full breath.
It had been so long since she’d held someone in the dark, naked. She was lonely. Lonely and horny. And she wanted these two. She had since the first time she’d looked into their eyes.
But what the hell would happen Monday morning at work? And what would Sallyanne say? And did any of that really matter? She was an adult and so were they. Couldn’t they all just have a fun time and not make a big deal out of it? Just one night, to ease the pain of feeling so alone all the time. Would they give her that if she asked? No strings attached. Just sex. Just for tonight.
They both stared at her, and as she watched the emotions cross their faces, one thought finally broke through hers. They wanted her, too. It was suddenly as crystal clear as the sound of the gunfight on TV and the chiming of a clock somewhere in the room. It came off them in waves that she could see and taste. They floated on the air toward her, the same way soft breezes blew in through the open windows, bringing with them the smell of coming rain.
“I’m on the pill,” she said, her voice coming out in a breathy whisper that she wasn’t even sure they’d hear. “But I haven’t had sex in…” Good God, that was a long time. “In years. And I have no STDs. I’m certain of that.”
Taj picked up the remote and flipped off the TV and Blu-Ray player. Jeff hadn’t taken his eyes off her. “It’s all right,” he said softly, his voice both dominant and tender at the same time. “Neither do we.” She actually saw him swallow. “But we need to know one thing. Are you absolutely sure you want this?”
She nodded. “One hundred percent positive.”
He and Taj exchanged a glance she couldn’t interpret. She couldn’t take it any longer. She moved toward them, not sure which one to approach first, but she didn’t have to decide. Taj pulled her into a tight embrace and planted a kiss on her lips that was so hot she literally would have slumped to the floor if his strong arms hadn’t encircled her.
She parted her lips to let his tongue inside as a moan escaped her throat. One of them brushed his hands over her back and then her ass cheeks, but she didn’t give a shit which one it was. Taj’s tongue raked the inside of her mouth, and then hands were tangled in her hair as well.
She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and let her mind go blank, just absorbing the energy and the sensations. She’d never been kissed like this. She’d never had such an intense moment of raw sexual energy coursing through her body. It shattered her emotions and rendered her grip on reality useless. She couldn’t do anything except feel. She didn’t want to. She only wanted them to take her, open her up, and use her until there was nothing left.
When Taj pulled down her pants and panties, she started to turn around, but stopped herself. Her face burned with embarrassment. If anyone was on the shore right now, God only knew what they would think. She had assumed he’d keep her pants on, but clearly they meant to smack her bare, sore, and already-bruised ass with those things. She was in big fucking trouble here. And she loved it. Every decadent second of it.
* * * *
“Ouch! Jesus Christ!” Alaina couldn’t believe how much it hurt when he hit her bare ass with the oar. He’d obviously been holding back before. She started to move but remembered their words. She was not going to start this over again.
“Good girl.” Taj’s deep, sexy voice didn’t help much. She gritted her teeth as the next two blows were delivered, wondering how the fuck she was going to get through seven more, and then ten with a bamboo pole.
But at the same time, her pussy was soaking wet and her clit began to throb. Images of fucking them both on this boat filled her mind, and she hung on to those as the next three blows were delivered. She yelled so loudly that she swore she heard her voice echoing off the mountainsides. Tears stung her eyes.
“Just four more. You can do it.” Taj’s voice lulled her a bit more this time, but when he delivered the last four, she cried out again and the tears spilled over her lashes.
He caressed her ass cheeks and nuzzled her neck. “Good girl. I am so proud of you right now.”
Oh God. She was so fucking turned on it was ridiculous. She mentally begged him to fuck her, just like this, bent over and hanging on to the back of a chair for dear life. “Thank you, Sir,” she whispered.
She heard Taj move away and sneaked a peek to her right to watch Jeff pull another pole out of the bag in which they were kept. Could she really do this? Yes. She could. She wanted to. She wanted to do it for them, because no one had ever indulged her fantasies like this or tried to help her overcome her tendency to control everything, and never settle down and have fun.
The tears ran down her face, but they weren’t only from the pain. She was overcome with emotion, and with what this actually meant. They cared about her so much, and were willing to help her become a better person. The kind of person she wanted to be, not what they thought she should strive for. They’d recognized a character trait in her that she despised, and they were going to help her change it. Or soften it, at least. No one had ever cared enough to even try and do something like that.
She wasn’t going to disappoint them. She was going to do this for them.
When the first blows struck her ass, she yelled again. This was serious shit. It burned in a way the riding crop had, but worse. Much worse. Jeff paused between strikes, but tears still ran down her face and her ass was on fire. It was a struggle not to move.
“Five more. You’re halfway there. You can do this.”
She knew she could, but oh man did it hurt. When he was finally done, she understood the difference big time between play and punishment. And she never wanted to feel it again. She would do anything not to feel that again.
He nuzzled her neck as Taj had done, and caressed the wounds he’d just made, rubbing something cool and soothing on her ass cheeks. “This will help. I am so proud of you. So very proud of you. I didn’t think you could do it, but you did. No more impact play on your ass this weekend. You’ve had enough. But don’t worry. We have plenty of other ways to play.”
He helped her stand, and then he pulled her into a tight embrace. Behind her, Taj caressed her hair and back, and then Jeff kissed her rough and deep, shoving his tongue into her mouth. She made a loud noise in the back of her throat as Taj pulled off her top and removed her bra so quickly that she barely had time to process it.
Jeff released the kiss, and then he helped her step out of her pants and panties, lifting each foot to take off her shoes and socks as well. Taj dragged what looked like a pool cushion to the front of the boat, and Jeff pointed. “On your hands and knees. Now.”
“Yes, Sir.” She could hardly breathe. This was so damn exciting and unexpected that her pussy had already begun contracting in tiny spasms. It was the ultimate fantasy. Punished and then fucked, rough and hard. She’d wanted this so badly, and here it was, about to become reality.
She heard them both put on condoms, and glanced up just to make sure she hadn’t hallucinated it. Where they got them, she had no idea. But did it matter? Taj pulled her hair. Not hard enough to really hurt, but she definitely knew he had done it. He knelt behind her, and then with his other hand he reached underneath to rub her clit.
“You’re so fucking wet and ready for us, aren’t you? You’re a bad girl. I knew you were. You want us to fuck you. Admit it.”
She cried out as her orgasm drew even closer at his words. “Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, Sir. I want you both to fuck me.”
He tugged her hair. “Are you a bad girl?”
“Yes, Sir. Yes. I’m a very bad girl. You wouldn’t have punished me otherwise.”
“That’s right. You are.” His fingers grazed her clit, bringing her closer and closer. “And bad girls get fucked as well.”

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Riding Her Cowboy Doms (MFM)
Pleasure, Texas 4

By: Jane Jamison | Other books by Jane Jamison 
Categories: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Word Count: 46,032
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

AVAILABLE: Friday, August 8th
This title is offered at a 15% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, August 15th.
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, whipping, paddling, sex toys]
Eva Marie McAlister vows to keep herself for true love. But keeping her vow isn’t easy working as a waitress at the BDSM club. Until she finds the men she wants, it’s a policy of “hands off the private parts.”
Cowboys Gage and William Langham are hired on at Pleasure Ranch and the club. When Eva Marie is assigned to help them learn how to be the best Doms they can be, they quickly realize she could be more than just their teacher.
As natural Doms, Gage and William catch on fast and soon end up teaching their submissive a thing or two. She’s riding them hard and they want the chance to repay the favor. But no matter what, Eva Marie’s sticking to her guns when it comes to giving it up.
The Dom/sub lessons are going well. But when another wants control, the threat spins their lives into chaos.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.


Eva Marie reached into the duffel bag she’d thrown in the pickup’s bed and pulled out her waitress uniform. Bending over, she hooked the back of the black halter top, then buttoned the straps behind her neck. With that done, she shimmied the tight skirt over her hips and zipped it at the waist. Club rules meant not wearing any panties.
“Besides, you’re two full-grown men. I figure I haven’t got anything you haven’t seen before.”
“That might be true, but yours looks a lot better than most we’ve seen.”
She did a little curtsy at William. “Thank you, sir. I’m glad you noticed.”
“And you know how to use your body. That was quite the show.”
Gage was harder to handle than his brother. “I figure you two will be dropping by the club after work sometime, so why not give you a preview of what you can expect?”
Wickedness seeped into Gage’s expression. “I heard we can expect a whole lot more than just a show.”
She’d let them know how it was right from the get-go. “From others, maybe, but not from me. I don’t do the playtimes.”
“Now that’s a damn shame.” William wasn’t teasing her. He was dead serious.
“And what’s your name, darlin’?” asked Gage.
It wasn’t the first time she’d been called darlin’, but he’d said it with a little extra rawness she liked. That along with the Southern drawl could’ve melted her panties. If she’d been wearing any. She tilted her head then flipped her hair the way she knew men liked. “Eva Marie.”
“Is that your full name?” asked William.
Again, his face had more expression in it than Gage’s, confirming that he was the more outgoing of the two. “It’s Eva Marie McAlister.”
“Okay, Eva Marie McAlister. Do you go skinny-dipping a lot?” William grinned, showing two amazing, sexy-as-hell dimples. The dimple on his left cheek pointed at the scar that ran along the side of his neck. Yet, instead of making him less attractive, it gave him a dangerous vibe in a hot, bad-boy kind of way. He had an odd combination of boy-next-door and wickedness whereas Gage was simply bad boy through and through.
“Just so you know, I’m not here every day. I don’t have a scheduled showtime or anything.”
“Wouldn’t turn it down if you did,” added Gage.
She stuffed her other clothes into the bag, then slammed the tailgate closed. Walking around to the door, she slid her bag across the torn leather seat, then turned back to them. “You should’ve told me you were spying on me.”
Gage didn’t take her joke the right way. “We were in plain sight. I wouldn’t call that spying.”
“If you were gentlemen, you would’ve told me you were there.”
William’s laughter was deep and throaty. And yeah, filled with a craving she knew only too well. His accent mirrored his brother’s. “Then I guess it’s a good thing we’re not gentlemen.”
“You aren’t foolin’ anyone, darlin’. You knew damn well we were watching.”
“Did I?” She frowned, putting on a different kind of show. “I guess it doesn’t matter now.” She hopped behind the wheel.
“You know you did.” Gage challenged her some more. “That was one hell of a show.”
She liked a good challenge. “And if it wasn’t a show?”
“Darlin’, don’t try and deny it.”
“I’m not saying one way or the other.”
“You will.”
Intriguing. That was a good word for Gage. “I will?”
“Maybe not in so many words, but you’ll tell me I’m right.”
She glanced at William, who remained quiet, his interest evident in his intense expression.
“Okay, now I’ve got to know.” She arched an eyebrow. “How do you think I’ll tell you if I don’t say anything?”
Gage studied her. “Because, darlin’, the next time we see each other, I’m going to kiss you. And when you kiss me back, your kiss will tell me you knew we were there all along.”
She chuckled, amused at his nerve. “Cowboy, you’re dreaming.”
“We’ll see.”
William shifted in his saddle. “I’ll take a part of that action.”
“No one’s going to take anything. Like I said, if you boys are looking for a little fun, try stopping by the club. I’m sure you know where it is, considering you’re riding Pleasure Ranch stock.”
“Are you putting on a show tonight?”
Gage seemed even more interested than before.
“I just might be.”
“Then we might just stop by,” added William.
She turned down the volume on the radio and switched it back to the country channel. Throwing the gearshift into drive, she gave them a wink. “See you later, boys.” She hit the gas pedal, lurching the old truck forward, and sending up a cloud of dust.
When she checked out her rearview mirror, they were in the same place she’d left them. “I sure do you hope y’all show up. Something tells me you two are going to be a lot of fun.”
It didn’t take long to see the two cowboys perched on top of their mounts. To their credit, they weren’t hiding behind the trees like Peeping Toms. Instead, they sat on their mounts, their hands resting on their saddle horns, their cowboy hats pushed back on their foreheads.
She recognized the horses they rode as belonging to Pleasure Ranch. That meant they were either friends of the Casing brothers or new ranch hands. Either way it gave them more credibility than if they were just two strangers who’d wandered off the road to find her swimming buck naked in the pond.
Okay, then. If they want a show, I’ll give them one.
She swayed, just as she did at work whenever she wanted better tips. Truth be told, the sway came naturally to her. She couldn’t remember a time after the age of fifteen when she didn’t walk that way. Since a woman had hips, then it only figured she’d let them swing side to side.
By the time she’d made it to her pickup with the tailgate down and her clothes draped over it, she would’ve sworn she could feel their hot gazes burning a hole in her ass.
Like what you see, boys?
She could’ve gotten dressed right then and there, but couldn’t resist having a little fun. She opened the driver’s side door and turned the ignition key. The radio set was set on her favorite country music channel, but she hit the second button and changed channels to the more seductive rhythm and blues radio station. She turned up the volume, then sashayed back to the end of the truck.
Pay attention, boys. You don’t want to miss this.
She let the music roll through her, the bass pumping into her, driving the movements of her body. The rhythm seduced her, making her sway and swivel. Her hands naturally found their way along the sides of her hips then up to skim over her breasts and on into her hair. She’d put on a show for them, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t enjoy it, too.
The sun quickly dried the water beads off her, heating her from the outside in. Holding the tailgate, she gyrated, whipping her hair from one side to the next. Turning around, she leaned against the metal then dropped down into a sexy squat before dipping forward and jerking her body upright in a classic stripper move.
Taking a peek, she was sure they’d moved closer.
Heads up, cowboys. I’m going to make your day.
She hopped up on the tailgate, pushed her clothes out of the way, then stretched out. Her hair haloed out around her head as it had done while floating and her breasts tipped skyward when she brought her arms over her head. More than one man had drooled at her feet with less effort. She heard the snorting of a bored horse and knew that its rider wasn’t the least bit bored.
She undulated, staying with the beat of the sultry tune even when one song ended and another began. Pinching and rubbing her nipples, she cupped one breast, tucked her head, and brought the nipple to her mouth. The taste of the water struck the tip of her tongue and she moaned her pleasure.
But she wasn’t through yet. Of course, if the cowboys got too close for comfort, she’d have to be more careful, but they’d taken up a position several yards from her and hadn’t moved since then.
She snuck another glance at them. Their hats cast shadows over their faces, but it couldn’t hide the muscled builds of their bodies. If their faces were as good as the rest of them, she wouldn’t mind putting on a show for them anytime they wanted. As long as they followed the club’s rules and kept their hands off. Permission to touch was at the sole discretion of the woman.
Working at a BDSM club had presented a unique set of challenges. She’d made it clear from the start that she didn’t mind getting, or even giving, a spank or two. Not in an actual, drawn out scene, but just a quick one every so often. Real, actual sex was off the menu and everyone knew it. She’d obey the Doms and call them masters and sirs, but her vagina and a-hole were off limits.
A new song started, slowing the speed to an even sexier level. She went onto her side, and taking her blouse, put it between her legs so she could hold it at both ends. Moving it back and forth, she closed her eyes and rubbed it against her pussy, working up a pleasant fiction. She moaned, not just for their benefit, but because the longer she rubbed, the more turned on she got.
Her tongue flicked over her lips as she heard a horse nicker, and she opened her eyes to find that they’d closed the distance even more. She should’ve gotten up, but now she was too into it to stop.
Tossing her blouse away, she got onto her back again, then slid her hand between her legs. She was too immersed in what she was doing to study their faces, now that she could see them better, but she recognized that they were as handsome as she’d hoped they’d be.
A sigh escaped her when her fingers eased over the soft flesh on at the sides of her clit. Taking it lower, her fingertips teased the entrance of her pussy while she used the palm of her hand to massage her hard nub. Keeping her gaze locked on first one man then the other, she rubbed, pressing against her clit as her fingers played with her pussy.
The heat of the sun was losing in its contest with the heat burning inside her. She’d started the seduction as a tease, a game, but now she was trapped, lost in a cage of her own pleasure-making. Rubbing harder, she slid her tongue over her upper lip and wondered if, just this once, she’d give in and welcome a stranger, two strangers, as lovers.


Sugar Creek 4: Prim's Silver Wolves

By: Becca Van | Other books by Becca Van 
Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal,Vampires/Werewolves
Word Count: 48,110
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

AVAILABLE: Friday, August 8th
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Primrose Costa is being terrorized in her own home but doesn’t know who is trying to scare her. She stops calling the police when they begin to think she’s crazy but when she hears from her old work colleague and friend, Melissa, and is invited to spend the summer on her friend’s family land, Prim jumps at the chance.
Just before she arrives at her friend’s house she has a fortuitous encounter with a silver-coated wolf and thinks it must be fate when she escapes unharmed.
When she meets Palmer, Edison, and Barrett Vargas, she is attracted to their good looks, silver hair, handsome faces, and muscular bodies. And even though she tries to resist them it’s really hard when they smell so damn good.
The Vargas brothers know that Primrose is their mate, but can they convince her to accept them as her men, animal side and all?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.


She gasped when she saw golden eyes shining at her and her heart flipped in her chest and then raced hard as the flight-or-fight sensations took over.
Prim spun on her heels and hurried back toward her car. She kept her eyes on whatever was watching her and started panting for breath when she realized it, whatever it was, was keeping pace with her. She wanted to run but if it was a large animal—and from the height of its eyes it would stand chest height to her—she didn’t want to encourage whatever it was to chase her and then pounce. She was already moving faster than normal. Not quite a jog, but more than a power walker’s pace. As she moved closer and closer to her car she pulled her keys from her shorts pocket and started pressing the lock button. At first it didn’t work and she started to get frantic but she nearly cried out in relief when she saw her indicator lights flash as her vehicle unlocked. Now all she had to do was get in there before she became dinner to something.
She was too scared to look at the animal now, so she kept her gaze on the door handle to her car and when she heard the sound of claws clacking on the road behind her she put on a burst of speed. But she didn’t quite make it.
Prim whimpered and shook with fear when she felt the hot moist breath on the back of her arm and closed her eyes all the while praying that the animal wouldn’t eat her, but she still braced her body in anticipation of the pain.
When she felt a hot wet tongue on the back of her upper leg she couldn’t contain the hysterical giggle that bubbled up in her chest and escaped her mouth. She wanted to turn around and face her nemesis, but she was too scared to move, but she gained her courage and forced her body to obey her brain. With a slowness she didn’t know she had in her, Prim slowly turned her head as she opened her eyes and looked over her shoulder.
The eyes of the wolf were changing from a light blue to a golden, glowing yellow as it stared at her. A shiver worked its way up her spine and she trembled as goose bumps rose up all over her skin. The hair on her nape and her entire body stood on end and she closed her eyes again as she tried to control her rapid breathing. She was panting so fast and hard she could hear the air rushing in and out of her mouth and from between her teeth.
When she felt another lick, but this time to the back of her knee, her giggle was because the wolf had tickled her and also because she was as scared as she’d never been in her whole life. Not even when one of the other teachers at the school she worked at had cornered her in a large walk-in cupboard and made a pass at her. He’d been so angry when she told him to go to hell and she had been scared that he was going to hit her. The only other time she been close to being this scared was when she started finding the threatening notes under her windshield wiper of her car, or when she heard someone outside her house tapping on her windows and making scraping noises as if they were trying to break in.
None of that compared to how scared she was now right now, staring at her own mortality in the face—or should that be the wolf’s face? If that wolf decided she was going to be dinner she didn’t think she’d be able to fight it off. It was freaking huge and just one bite from the pointy teeth and powerful jaws and she knew she would be done for. There would be no way in hell she would be able to escape from its clutches.
But the bite never came and Prim’s breathing began to slow, as did her pounding heart. She opened her eyes again and looked back over her shoulder. She was surprised, yet jubilantly relieved to see it sitting on the road behind her and watching her avidly. With slow, sure movements she turned around until her back was to her car—she leaned against it so she wouldn’t fall into a scared puddle on the ground—and locked her knees, hoping that her legs would stop trembling soon as she watched the wolf. She was mesmerized as the animal’s eyes continued to change color and hoped she wasn’t challenging it by staring into its eyes.
Hadn’t she heard somewhere that looking into an animal of prey’s eyes was like waving a red flag in front of a bull?
When the wolf tilted its head and studied her and his tongue fell out of the side of its mouth, she could almost believe it was smiling at her. But when it stood up on all fours again and took a step toward her she started trembling again. His breath was hot against the skin of her belly where her T-shirt didn’t quite meet the waistband of her shorts, and she reached back, gripping the door handle to her car in preparation. If he pounced, she hoped she would have enough time to side step, slam the door into his head, and dive inside. She didn’t want to hurt it but she didn’t want to die out here in the middle of nowhere and all alone.
Melissa would wonder what had happened to her, and if the wolf decided to make a meal out of her, she may never be found.
Prim couldn’t even make herself break the kiss or form any sort of protest when Barrett lifted her up into his arms and began moving. Even her eyelids were too heavy, weighted with arousal, to force open.
She wasn’t carried far and she was aware of being lowered to the leather sofa and the increase of their delectable scents but she didn’t want to ever stop kissing Barrett. Nor Palmer and Edison for that matter.
Barrett did finally slow the kiss and removed his lips from hers and when she was able to get her eyes open their gazes connected and held. She gasped for breath while squirming on the sofa as she tried to rub her body against his.
“Let us take that ache away for you, baby. Let us show you how good it can be between the four of us.”
Even though she knew she should probably be shaking her head she found herself nodding instead. She nearly cried out when Barrett drew back but then she sighed with relief when his hands pushed her tank top up and placed one on her belly. Prim had never felt so hot or horny in her life and she needed their touch like she needed her next breath of air. The cushions on either side of her dipped and then hands were tugging at her everywhere. Her tank was pulled over her head and the button on her jean shorts was tugged open. Before she knew it she was lying on the sofa totally naked, with her ass on the edge of the cushion and her feet on the floor, with Palmer kneeling between her splayed thighs and Barrett and Ed kneeling on either side of him.
“You smell so good, sugar,” Palmer said, and then inhaled deeply several times. “I have to know how you taste.”
Palmer hunkered further down on his knees, his hands caressing up the inside of her legs, pushing them open wider. He stared down at her hairless mound for what seemed like forever before he finally lifted his head and met her gaze.
“You are so fucking sexy, Primrose.”
And then she was crying out as Palmer licked her pussy from clit to hole, and beyond and back again. “Sweet and juicy,” he said in a deep growly voice, and then his tongue pushed into her cunt.
Edison cupped a breast and then started drawing on her nipple with his mouth, laving the tip with his tongue before sucking firmly on it again. Barrett plucked at her other nipple and started kissing her hungrily.
Prim couldn’t believe the pleasure they were giving her. The slurping, sucking and swallowing noises Palmer made as he ate at her pussy drove her wild. Having three hugely muscular men touching and kissing her all at once was out of this world. She moaned when Palmer licked up through her dripping folds and flicked his tongue rapidly back and forth over her clitoris. It was amazing and wonderful but still nowhere near enough.
The ache deep inside was so intense she wanted to beg them to fill her in every orifice she had and take it away.
She whimpered when Palmer rimmed her pussy hole with the tip of his finger and then cried out when he pressed it in. Her cunt muscles clamped down and more juices wept from her vagina. And then he was pressing it in and out as his tongue lapped over her engorged pearl.
Prim had thought the fire raging inside her had been really hot but it was nothing compared to the almost violent need coursing through her whole body. Every single muscle in her frame was strung tighter than an armed bow string, and she realized the sobbing noises she could hear were coming from her own mouth.
Palmer withdrew his finger and then came back with two. The stretch of her pussy tissue was so good she started arching up into his touch and began rocking her hips to his rhythm.
Barrett removed his mouth from hers and began sucking and nipping at her neck. “Yes, baby. Let Palmer make you come for him. He’s going to make you feel so good.”
Primrose groaned and bowed her hips up from the sofa but then her legs were being lifted up and over Palmer’s shoulders. She opened her eyes to see that Ed was the one who had moved her legs, just before he dove back down to suck on her breasts, alternating from one throbbing nipple to the other.
The friction of Palmer’s fingers pumping in and out of her wet sheath was so powerful and the heat was so rampant she was quaking visibly. Her stomach muscles jumped and her pussy clenched as the blaze burned hotter and brighter than ever before. And then she was on the edge of something so phenomenal she couldn’t even draw in a breath.